Alexandra Fuksz

Born in 1970 in Vienna, Austria, where she is now living as a solitary person; self-reliant nutricionist; working in the coffee bar in the schoenstatt-center „Schönstatt am Kahlenberg“; newfoundation of the Schoenstatt Women’s Professional League in Austria; Now leader of „frauenUnterwegs“ („women on the move“), initiative of the Schoenstatt Women’s League in Austria for women of all ways of life who want to inspire their lifes by the covenant of love with the blessed mother.

What experiences have formed you as a woman?

One of the most fundamental experiences that has formed me is the principle: “Grace builds on nature!” That means everything is already there within me, I just have to ennoble it and make it shine.
Every woman has received this mission from God in her originality. 
In my womanhood I am called to actively participate in shaping the world. Where I live, in every form of life (living alone, married, divorced, with or without children) as a woman in the workplace and society, as a mother and wife in the family and much more.

Where have you experienced God in your life?

I experience God especially in personal encounters with people. God is especially tangible for me when I meet someone who is very dear to me after many years. There is a closeness there that one cannot create as a human being. God speaks to me also in nature. Especially this spring, which many of us experienced at home and in our immediate surroundings, God was tangible to me in the colorful splendor of the blossoming trees and bushes. A greeting from the dear God, in a world that is standing still at the moment and a beautiful sign that things will continue.
In professional situations, which often require courage, perseverance and patience in my independence, I rely on the presence of God and his support. A prayer, filling up with God and the Blessed Mother before an important appointment or new workshop often makes me feel calm, because I know I don’t have to do everything alone. He is with me and wants my best. But this does not mean that there are no failures. However, these let me become humble again and again and I learn not to take anything for granted. A great gratitude for the way my life has gone up to now, an unspeakable courage to believe and always looking at my neighbor and seeing the good in him, that is where God is always present and experiential for me.

What do you see as the challenge for women today?

A big challenge is to question ourselves and having to make ourselves and our activities better and better. The optimization trend of being a committed employee and manager in our profession and at the same time managing a family often puts women under enormous pressure. But what do I do if I don’t manage it? Who is to blame then? How can I courageously stand by my lifestyle with all its successes and failures, grow inwardly and know that I don’t have to manage everything alone? That can only happen when I experience that I am sheltered and chosen in the love of God.

What do you want to change through your life in this world?

Each of us is the favorite child of God. I see it as my task to make this experience possible for many people. Diversity enlivens and secures a society. This is also how God created the world. As a security for my vocation and to carry it into the world, I live in the Covenant of Love with the Blessed Mother. This covenant gives me a home in myself and in my world, a sense of belonging with those who live their own original vocation and who have great freedom and courage to dare to do something new. Thus, my life is a dynamic being, in deep union with God and the Blessed Mother. This experience lets me grow inwardly and radiate into the world in which I live and which I love.