Alma M. Rodríguez

Passionate about challenges

Married for 11 years to an entrepreneur whose passion is to help build a better world. Mother of three children: two daughters (Luciana, 7 years and Emilia, 5 years) and a son (Álvaro, 1,5 years). Profession: Lawyer (attorney) – Degrees in Corporate and Tax Law from the University of Monterrey (UDEM). First female president of the National Association of Business Lawyers (ANADE). Legal director and head of various legal departments of groups of companies.
With her husband, she belongs to the Family Federation in Mexico.


What experiences have formed you as a woman?

The experience of being a child of my mother and father.
A great contrast and excellent combination from my (now mature) point of view. I was raised by an extremely tough, demanding, perfectionist, concerned, clear-minded mother who taught me the joy of serving in general. But my father and my brother (the men of the house), also taught me all the domestic chores in a way that, for some of my friends, when we were little, they considered Cinderella-style abuse (lol). But my mother also taught me to know God and to love the Blessed Mother. Thanks to her, my life has been easier than it is for many. I tell her she has trained me well for the hard parts of life.
My father, on the other hand, spoiled me a lot. He always made me feel like the most special girl, and has always been very noble and gracious with me. His eyes light up when he sees me. That has given me security and self-esteem, so that later I could grow and with knowledge and experience create my own criteria of feminism in its correct definition: a healthy feminism for human coexistence, respecting our nature, healthy for our own gender and for the growth of awareness in the world.
And of course, I cannot overlook the many obstacles that I have overcome in my professional career in a world that makes us believe that it is just, although it is not yet so, and even less so in Mexico. In regard to my career, I cannot fail to mention 4 men, in general my bosses, whom I encountered on this road and who believed in me, in my potential and who thought differently than others about putting a woman in charge of legal matters for large groups of companies.

Where have you experienced God in your life?

God has been part of my life for as long as I can remember.
He has always been present, sending me signs. I try to see them everywhere. Since I was a little girl I have been intuitively attentive to his messages.
When I was 8 years old, in the worst moment of my life, prayer and its shelter helped me to overcome my mother’s illness, helping me to grow up with a lot of absence from her on one hand and a lot of demands on the other.
At the same age in a dream I saw the most beautiful image of Jesus and I felt it as a call to know Him more and to always invite Him into my life.
In every problem that presented itself to me, the first thing I did was to pray and then to act, that was something very natural for me and I do not remember when I learned it, but it always worked, therefore, my trust in him developed wonderfully.
During my professional journey, when I became the Legal Director of a transnational company (which was my professional dream to achieve when I started my studies), there were many moments when everything spoke to me of defeat. If I would begin telling about it, we would never finish – but especially one of the worst situations of sexual harassment brought me something beautiful.  Obviously I quit and was so sad thinking that my intelligence was not enough, that maybe my career could not go on anymore because I was not a good lawyer or for my own safety, etc.  That situation marked me forever, thank God in a positive way, rather, in the most beautiful way that someone could aspire to live at some point in their life, no matter how crazy it is. I received a message through a loved one. We were talking about how he was worried about my sadness and my lack of vision/brightness in my personality because of what happened, and in the middle of our conversation, something happened! My friend’s voice changed dramatically to a deep but very sweet voice. He answered 3 questions that I was asking only to God in my very personal prayers and that I had not mentioned to anyone, absolutely no one, even because one of these questions was a little childish to share but it was extremely important for our relationship. He told me: “if you are my spoiled one, go ahead because I have big plans for you, leave the sadness.” With that, (boom!) the conversation ended and my friend ran out of my house, I followed him for blocks until I got to his house and the door was open, he was on the phone with his mom saying very scared: It wasn’t me! It wasn’t me! Then I understood what had just happened, and it was the most beautiful confirmation of knowing that whenever I felt it since I was a child, it was not my imagination, HE had always been there.
My whole life has been full of gifts from Him and I am infinitely grateful to be one of those people who is attentive to see them.

What is THE challenge for women of today?

From my very personal point of view, the challenge for women today consists in the confusion of their identity and value.
Today some “modern” women want power and/or equality in order to promote their own narrow rights to equality or, even worse, to satisfy their ego and/or personal whim. They are bombarded by a misconception of feminism, by the meaning of success and of a negative idea of what it means to be a woman to the fullest in whatever field she wishes to develop. In that way woman becomes incapable of perceiving the divine dimension of her mission and true power in the world.
The problem lies in a lack of transmission of wisdom between generations, the little time that life now gives you to meditate from the heart and not from the ego. Added to that is the constant bombardment of marketing tactics to devalue women by confusing and marking out stereotypes manipulated by economic and political interests of what it is to be a successful and virtuous woman.
It is easy to forget our true strength and the place where the power of our inner and outer beauty, delicacy and authenticity vis-à-vis men lies, in the natural differentiation with which it assures a complementarity so necessary for the balance of humanity.  Confusing equality with equity, but above all forgetting her highest born power, the power of love, the woman is the most suitable representative to personify the strongest power of all: pure and unconditional love. She is born with it in her DNA, with her heroic capacity to create life. She is less and less aware of her capacity to enter a room and with her presence illuminate, change the mood of the whole place, which she is capable of with her natural aroma, with a caress to give relief, to have in her hands this power that being in its right place is pacifier of the world.

What do you want to change in this world through your life?

I want to make people aware and be an example of how everything you desire can always be achieved by being in the hands of God and the Blessed Virgin, his mother, as your ally.