Ingeborg Sickinger

Born in 1962. She studied humanities, and has had various management positions in further education and human resources. She currently works at the University of Vienna, as managing director of the Alumni Society of the University of Vienna. She is director of the Austrian Schoenstatt Movement together with her husband Richard.

What experiences have shaped me as a woman?

Certainly my mother – with her cheerful and life-enhancing manner. She provided me with a very positive image of women. Later my husband and his appreciation and joy in the way I am has certainly strengthened and developed me, and of course Father Kentenich. His research into the nature of women, at a time when this is being challenged, is for me a great source of orientation.

Where have I experienced God in my life?

I experience God in people. Everyone has a very special dignity in this light. I experience God in events. Somethings can be very beautiful or very difficult the question is always: “Dear God, what are you telling me?” and this is often like a key. I experience God in the trends of the times – a time of pluralism, a time of acceleration; all this is also always a message, a commission to oneself. Moreover, I experience God in the Home Shrine – entrusting other people to the Blessed Mother that helps to carry responsibility.

What do I see as the challenge for women today?

The biggest challenge I see is to live and radiate womanhood with joy and conviction – but not as normative, rather more personally and individually, and to see and acknowledge the whole diversity of womanhood and its range.

What do I want to change through my life in this world?

I want to help people grow. To support others in developing their own personality, to know their own strengths, to find their own way and to grow into the image that God has for each person personally – that moves me as a leader. In a special way, partnership and marriage can also be a way of growing together – my husband and I would like to encourage other couples to do this through the Schoenstatt Family Work, to build a piece of the Holy City, a world with God in our midst.