Elena Kumerics

She is 27 years old and has been married for two years. In 2012, she began studying for the senior police service in Hessen and has now been working as a police officer for five years. At the moment she is assigned to the criminal investigation department in Fulda.

What experiences have formed me as a woman?

My time in the Schoenstatt Girls’ Youth has strongly influenced me as a woman. I was especially influenced by the symbol of the crown. I always try to imagine the people around me with crowns on their heads, because we all have dignity and are royal children. This also helps me in my profession to treat everyone with respect.

Where have I experienced God in my life?

The Schoenstatt Shrine in Dietershausen marked me very early on. I was raised as a Christian by my family and since we lived in Dietershausen, we often visited the Blessed Mother in the shrine. We often brought flowers there when we went for a walk. As I grew older, I also became involved in the Youth, so that the Shrine became more and more my home.

In many moments of my life, I have already experienced God.

For example, once I attended a youth festival in Oberkirch over Pentecost. The next weekday I had a math test at school and of course, I didn’t have quite as much time to invest in studying. I wrote a little note and put it in the jar in the shrine, asking the Blessed Mother for help with the math test. That evening before work, when I was back home, the doorbell rang. Three girls from the Schoenstatt Youth offered me help with my studies. And it happened as it had to happen, I wrote the best exam of the class.

What do I see as THE challenge for women today?

On the one hand, I think it is very good that men and women are more and more equal and that there are many who are committed to this. I myself work in a profession that for many years was considered a purely male profession. On the other hand, I also find it challenging that increasingly more is demanded of women in today’s world. Family and career have to be reconciled and most employers consider planning around children to be rather tiresome.

It is difficult to try to please everyone. The employer, the family, friends/acquaintances and even yourself. Even more, I find women impressive who do not let themselves be influenced by this and go their own way.

What do you want to change in the world through your life?

I want to make the lives of others brighter. Very early on, I was inspired by the following quote from Mother Teresa:

“Do not allow yourself to meet someone who is not happier after meeting you.”

In my profession this is not easy to realize, because I mainly meet people in unpleasant situations in their lives. However, especially in these situations I try to meet everyone respectfully and bring light where it is very dark.

As Father Kentenich said: “Let us walk like you thought life, let us mirror you forever: strong and noble, meek and mild, peace and love be our endeavor. Walk in us through our world, make it ready for the Lord.”