Gudrun Schmid

Born 1963, studied orchestral music with violin as main instrument; works as a violin teacher at three music schools in the Lake Constance area. Lives in Friedrichtshafen. Belongs to the Schoenstatt Academic Movement.

What experiences have shaped you as a woman?

As a child and teenager I experienced stable relationships. After a friendship fell apart during my studies, I asked myself if I would ever be able to trust anyone again.

A long process began in which I experienced a lot of support and loyalty from people who had a rich treasure of wisdom and life experience.

At that time I also began to be involved in the parish and to volunteer at a nursing home, where, among other things, I am regularly involved in organizing the music for the various liturgies.
The management of the pastoral area of this home is in the hands of a nun who is very sensitive to the needs of the elderly people and always senses the needs of the individual. When I experience how she lives her faith, she shows me what is important in life

Music has always helped me a lot. When an experience throws me off balance, I play the violin and thus come to myself.

Where have you experienced God in your life?

During my studies I had a real physical and mental breakdown. After trying everything that was possible from a medical point of view and finding no effective help, encouraged by a friend, I took part in charismatic retreats. During those days I experienced a healing in body and soul.
During a pilgrimage to Medugorje, after night adoration, I stumbled over a stone and broke my left ankle. On the way to the hospital in Mostar, the words of Fr. Kentenich suddenly came to my mind: “God is Father, God is good, everything he does is good”. At that moment I was reassured and at peace with myself, because I knew that everything has its meaning and is in order.
Through regular participation in the Mass and the sacraments, I was given a solid foundation in faith over the years.
Also the many small and large signs in everyday life allow me to experience the love and goodness of God. In music I try to let my playing become a prayer. God listens to me!

What do you see as the challenge for women today?

The development of their very own identity, regardless of alienating influences such as pressure from outside, attempts to manipulate in various directions…
“When I live authentically, I am in balance. I am allowed to be the way I am and I am good the way I am because God has created me that way. This awareness is something that has to be conquered again and again in everyday life.

What do you want to change in this world through your life?

To make the world more transparent towards God. To perceive what he wants to show me through events, meetings, signs and to respond to them in ready action, e.g. in service to others, in prayer… To actively participate in building the Kingdom of God in this world.