Helena Hollstegge

12 years old; Hobbies: swimming, altar server, choir, flute, unicycle field hockey; Favorite subject: Sports and Art; Most beautiful MJF meeting: Jubilee – Days 2017; original characteristics: freckles, humor.

Text of the video:

In the Schoenstatt Girls’ Youth, I like the fact that I can have open conversations with all the girls, and that I can talk with them, whether I have known them for a long time or not, and that you can laugh a lot with all of them and we always have a lot of fun. And I am also encouraged by the fact that Mary … well, she is also a woman and also a very strong one and she is a fighter. She is a very strong person. You can also have a very strong friendship with her.

To make the world a better place …  My goal is to inspire others for things they are not interested in or find boring or that they think are meaningless for them, although they don’t really know how great it really is and that I show them that it is really fun.

In my class, for example, faith is considered uncool, but it’s important to me and I want to show others that it’s great and that it can be fun and that it’s important.

It is also important to me that girls are strong and can show their strength and this has been the case in Schoenstatt for 100 years.