Judit Kóta

Born in 1964, living in Szombatheley, Hungary; violinist in the symphony orchestra of Savaria; teacher at the music school of Körmend and violin teacher; married, six children between 16 and 28; since 2004 member of the Schoenstatt Family Federation, since 1994 member of a group of the Schoenstatt Family League.

What experiences have formed you as a woman?

Since my childhood I have felt especially loved and chosen. This is perhaps understandable – having grown up between two brothers. The (traditional) work of women (raising children and household) is still considered important and especially appreciated by us to this day. The basis for this is certainly also our Catholic outlook and our special appreciation for Mary, the Mother of God.

My grandmothers and my mother have been role models for me and my life. During the time of the World War they heroically saved their families and also many needy people in their surroundings. Up to now I have never had a life situation as difficult as that one. Therefore I feel strengthened, encouraged and motivated by their life to persevere. The male members of our family respect us women and support us with appreciation.

At what points in your life have you experienced God?

I had my first real experience of God at the age of 23 at my adult confirmation. On that day I made a very conscious decision for God and the Catholic Church. My children also decided independently for their confirmation.

When I got to know Schoenstatt and joined the Movement, my relationship with God became deeper and stronger. Behind every event in my life I seek God’s guidance. For parents, the constant “sowing” without feedback is often an unsuccessful endeavor. It is a great help to be in contact with parents who are struggling as well – also in prayer. Small successes always make me very grateful and strengthen my trust in the help of the Blessed Mother. God knows when I need a little encouragement in my educational struggles. Then my “nothingness” becomes obvious. In all cases I hold on to God intensively.

I work as a violinist in a symphony orchestra. I am glad that after the birth of my children I was able to pick up where I left off before. I love my work immensely. My job involves a lot of uncertainty, I never know what the exact time will be (for example, which weekend I will be available and when not). Therefore I often have to rely on God.

What challenges do you see for women today?

As a woman I see it as my task to create a warm, loving atmosphere. For my family, it is important to me to provide spaces and times to relax, to contemplate and to draw depth – and not just to make sure that we meet dates and deadlines.

I want my daughters to be aware of how precious it is to have children. Only women can give birth, their YES is part of creation. The chance for new life depends on their decision. This is so important for me that I have put this decision above everything else in my life. I gave up my position in the orchestra in favor of my six children and stayed at home with the children for 16 years. I had the opportunity to get to know the method of natural family planning and to pass it on. Being a facilitator for NFP has also become a part of my life.

What do you want to change in this world through your life?

I want to serve the people around me in love. I hope that I can be persistent and faithful in this.

I want to spend more time in prayer. I like to pray very much. Someone said about St. Francis that his whole being has become prayer. I am working on becoming a “master of prayer” like him.

I try to give an example to my children. Just as I could rely on my grandparents and parents, so my children should be able to rely on us. Among all important values I would like to emphasize credibility. My goal is to hold on to God and trust in the Blessed Mother.