Luverci Rossatti Duval

Born in 1949, married, four daughters, school principal, lives in São Paulo/SP Brazil, belongs to the Schoenstatt Women and Mothers.

What experiences have formed you as a woman?

Studies: At a time when only a few women were studying, it was my desire to attend a teacher training seminar (as it was then called) and I became a teacher. This was followed by university studies. Practically I never stopped studying; knowledge fascinates me!

Motherhood: I am a mother of four daughters. This experience formed me and made me see the extraordinary in the ordinary. I saw the extraordinary connection of everything in our world, the perfection of the universe, the beauty of nature and the incredible miracle of human life. There is so much that we have to thank and care about. Life is precious and wonderful!

Work: I was able to dedicate myself to education, experiencing therein my faith and my vocation to help others through a Christian education. In this way I was able to contribute to a more just society. Through my work in education I found my personal ideal. I also learned that I first have to live what I demand of those I educate and in this way I can be an instrument and influence their personality.

Where in your life have you experienced God?

At various points in time:

Childhood (5 to 11 years): In the “Educandário São Paulo da Cruz” (a school), where I learned to read and write, and where the foundation for my academic knowledge was laid. Good memories and longing connect me with this place.

Throughout my life: By participating in the events of our Church, catechesis, Eucharistic Crusade, Marian Congregation, courses, etc. …

A special moment: I got to know the Schoenstatt Movement, the work of Father Kentenich, I belong to the Women and Mothers and I live from the Covenant of Love with our Blessed Mother.

What do you see as the challenge for women today?

The great challenge is that we belong to society, that we have a family, that we have a profession, and that we contribute to the development in these areas through our actions, while holding on day after day to being a child before God; that all our activities do not hinder us from carrying out the main task entrusted to us by God, to live as children of God.

What do you want to change in this world through your life?

Our world, with its great cultural, religious and social diversity, with its many political upheavals, with its fears and the realization that the power of evil is so great, has always worried me. Before these realities, I made my choice and I live as a child of God who is Love, trusting people and making the Covenant of Love with the Blessed Mother, who educated me and prepared me to fulfill my mission.

To sum up: At the end of my life I hope to have contributed to spreading love so that people’s hearts can believe in their everyday life again and never lose hope in times of trouble…

Because life is a gift from God and it is worth living it!