Mirta del Carmen Lopez

70 años; Mendoza, Argentina; Professor of Pedagogy – specialized in university teaching.
Apostolate:  Leader of the Bible Formation Center of Mendoza Arquidiocese. Leader of the Women Apostolic Federation, of the Nazareth Region in Argentina/ Paraguay. Belongs to the Diocesan Schoenstatt Council Movement in Mendoza. University professor in Argentina Catholic University in Mendoza and psychpedagogue in different educative centers, Church, youth, university and social support.
Schoenstatt Women’s Apostolic Federation


What experience have formed you as a woman?

To answer this question I go back to my family, I was blessed to grow up in a home where my mother was a very balanced woman who always taught us her feminine self in the strength  to face the most difficult situation with a lot of integrity, and a father attentive to the needs of the family with a very providential look of God. With two sisters with very shared tasks, and they continue to this day to be my two best friends. 

I was educated since childhood in Sisters of the Company of Mary founded by Saint Juana de Lestonnac, they infused in my soul a deep bond with Maria who encouraged us in permanent experiences of service to the most needy, and above all, awakening in me the vocation at the service of education and the youngest. 

Although I most say that the deepest experience of my being a woman is during adolescence when I met Jesus. Jesus the Son of the Father that showed me the wishes of Divine will. Attentive to listening to the Holy Spirit present in daily reality. What wakes me to be more a passionate woman about Jesus and his project

At what point in your life did you experienced God?

Since I was little, I had lived deep experiences with God. I choose to refer the moment in which I decided to consecrate my life to God. It was something very clear and resounding in the Basílica of Guadalupe, in the Chapel of Blessed Sacrament. I clearly felt that the Lord had chosen me and I could respond to his love, to his Beauty, to his infinite mercy. And from then on, lots of moments in which I experienced a very close presence and sending of the Lord. Specially in the Eucharist and silence retreats. They were also very strong milestones: to participate in the  construction and blessing of the Shrine in Mendoza, Argentina, blessing of my Home Shrine…and foundation of the Women Apostolic Federation in Argentina. 

What is the challenge you see for women today?

We are living times in which the pressure of media and other factors do not allow us to discover the truth of feminine identity so it is difficult for women to value their mission in our current society. Our Father and Founder insists a lot on the education of the female soul in the image and likeness of Mary This is our challenge to be the Little Mary who in community and fraternity proclaims the Gospel with words and life. Seeking evangelical responses to the realities of our complex and globalized world. It is a serious commitment in local ecclesial participation and in the culture of our time. 

What do you want to change through your life in this world?

Nowadays people live very difficult situations, they feel loveliness intensely and lack of love. At this point in my life I wish to be capable of bringing each person closer to the Lord and to our Mother, each person I meet. So that they experience in the depth of their soul the candor – home, spiritually interior transformation and the apostolic fruitfulness of our Mother and the infinite mercy of provident God. I think that is how I collaborate with the transformation of the world in Christ and realize a service to the Church – for which Christ gave himself. 
I conclude expressing: “The fire of the Holy Spirit burns in our heart like a Pentecostal experience throughout our life”.