Norah Magdalena Nosbüsch

13 years old, member of the Schoenstatt Girls ‘Youth, Trier; two older siblings; student at a small catholic high school in the Eifel, state of Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany. Hobbies: horseback riding, dancing, playing the guitar and training her donkeys together with her friend; is regularly with her friend at meetings in Schoenstatt.

Text of the video:

Yes, I like being a girl and I don’t think we are allowed to choose. God has a plan with us – as a girl or as a boy. And I am content, I feel comfortable in my body and I am happy that I am a girl.
Also because I like these typical girl things – I like clothes …
As a girl I don’t have to be this typical cliché girl, I can also show strength.
I am unique!

In the Schoenstatt Youth there are so many other girls and young women who come here to Schoenstatt with the same mindset, with the same idea, and yet we are unique and united by one thing: that we all love Our Lady, that we all simply love being here. For me, Schoenstatt is simply a second home for me.

In Schoenstatt there is not only the Girls and Young Women, but also the Boys’ Community (Boys’ Youth). I go to a school where there are boys and girls, and it’s nice to be in a place where there are only girls, because you talk to girls about things that don’t interest the boys. But also the other way around. And I think it’s nice for both sides to be in a place where you’re only with girls or only with boys.
I think you can only change the world through little things. That means now, for example, that you don’t make such a big drama out of little arguments. But that doesn’t mean that differences of opinion are not important. In my opinion, differences of opinion are important. The fact that we have different opinions presents our own individuality.