Pauline Wagithi Maina

Born 1991 in Kenya. Caterer by profession and at the moment an entrepeneur selling coffee. She belongs to the Schoenstatt Movement in Kenya.

What experiences have shaped you as a woman?

I count each day as one that comes with a lot of situations and experiences that will shape my womanly life.

At the end of the day I take some time to ask myself whether and how I have fulfilled the goals I set myself in the morning. I consider the challenges I faced and whether I needed to change my behaviour or attitude or to improve myself in some way or if I need to give myself some time.

As a woman I have learnt I need to take a stand in situations, to listen and to let what is not important pass by my ears and what is important to sink into my heart. I have to protect my woman’s heart.

As a single working woman, I find that looking ahead to my dreams and goals helps me to be a better person today with positive ideals.

Looking at the inspiring lives of others helps me to give a concrete picture to my own life. Our founder’s example of absolute trust in the Blessed Mother and Divine Providence has helped me a lot in my own life situations.

Knowing my own temperament has helped me in my relationships with others and to build understanding between me and others.

Where in your life have you experienced God?

I was involved in a road accident. I lost consciousness. I had a hip fracture and badly cut lips. I spent a week in hospital and then was discharged but was placed on medication and told to come for frequent checkups.

But the entire Ministry of Health went on strike and so I was unable to get my medication or have the check-ups. I was in pain and was filled with questions – would my lips heal and would my back and hips heal and function as before? I saw no improvement in the first 3 months after the accident. I placed my trust in God and relied entirely on his help. I held one novena after the other and my friends prayed for me. Since then I have healed and can function as before and I have not had any pain. I am certain that it was God who was with me and healed me.

I had always wanted to join a religious community and I asked God in prayer and with a sincere heart to give me a community I could join. God seemed to answer my request but after a few years I could not continue. For many months I was in a dilemma and struggled with questions and I fought with God and myself. However, I finally returned back to prayer and meditation and after a while I heard a strong inner voice that told me to accept that my path in life was to be a single woman and that I should serve God in the way He would direct me. My heart was easy after that and now I follow God’s way with lots of patience.

What do you see as a challenge for women today?


Women are lacking in a friendly or close relationship with God. They are very busy with their lives and families and they are being drawn into the values of this world. As a result, they are falling into evil ways and involving their families in such things as well. They are falling into abortion, sexual immorality, drug abuse and participating in witchcraft.


Large numbers of woman have neither skills nor professional training so that they can neither work nor provide for themselves. They are dependent on men or the youth to solve their financial problems.

Social injustice:

Women are still kept in a “box” by society and traditional values. Whenever a woman wants to escape this box and break these norms, in order to live her own life, she experiences negativity and she receives no support from the people around her. People still think that women can’t be good leaders, they can’t be this or that. Many women themselves are still caught up in this traditional mindset and they do not support those women who wish to take a step for change. Other women see the dilemma but do not have the courage to challenge the current situation and they resign themselves to live and die with this dilemma.

Social violence:

Society does not accept that woman has her own dignity. Society still blames the woman and always sees the woman as being on the wrong side and the one who should be punished in order to correct her. This injustice brings a lot of sadness to the community as a whole and also a lot of anger.

What do you want to change through your life in this world?

I want to change the negative perception of woman that society has.

I want to show that a woman can be a self-reliant individual who can work and who can be strong in faith and bring out the best in a community and make a positive contribution to society.

I want to help other woman to believe this and help them to become self-reliant and agents of change. I want to help women to first see things from the point of view of Divine Providence before they start seeing the mistakes or have regrets. In this way they will have peace of mind and heart and they will have an attitude of confidence, determination and patience so that they can follow God’s path.