Jitka Crhová

Professor Dr. Jitka Crhová was born in 1964. She is married, with three children and four grandchildren. She works as a psychological counsellor, as a mentor and is very involved in family politics. Jitka Crhová lives with her family in Brno – Czech Republic. She and her husband belong to the Institute of Schoenstatt Families

Where have you experienced God in your life?

I am a convert and was not baptised until I was 18 years old, in what was then an atheistic country. Everything that had to do with living faith was a secret there. So, my first experience of God was through deep human relationships which awakened in me the longing: “I want to be like that!” During that time, I had a personal “Damascus experience” and only afterwards did I have contact with the church, and this was not always in a very positive way…

I got to know Schoenstatt shortly after my baptism and this has influenced my whole life. Schoenstatt helped me maintain a living relationship with God.

What do you want to change through your life in this world?

I am firmly convinced that today’s world needs above all living Christians and a living experience of Christ. I work in the field of adult education, and it is my longing to bring God’s love and closeness to people. My favourite subject is the personal ideal, the value of each person and ethics. I try to address this within all my training programmes and topics – not directly (it would not be acceptable in our country), but through many stories, experiences, events that are connected with the topic and lead deeper. … My aim is to help people recognise and accept themselves more, to be more merciful, to love themselves more, as well as others, and the whole world. …