Sophia Hinterberger

(on the right side of the photo)

15 years old; from Windach near Ammersee (Germany); prefers to spend her time with her family and meeting friends. She is in the 10th grade of a girls’ secondary school in Diessen. Hobbies: creative dancing, playing the flute, painting, photography, baking bread and other treats. Enjoys child care while her parents are at Schoenstatt events; has two sisters (14, 11) and one brother (9).


S: Hi, I am Sophia, I am 15 years old. I love to be creative and I like to bake.
H:Hi, I am Helena, I am 13 years old and I love music and sports.
S: We are siblings and we live near the Ammersee (Bavaria).
H:And we have belonged to the Schoenstatt Girls’ and Young Women since 2015.

S: What about you, do you like being a girl?
H: I do. And you?
S: Yes, me too! I think it’s really cool to be a girl.
H: What is nice about it? I think we have a lot of different sides, character traits and we are the stronger sex!
S: What I really enjoy is that you can prove people wrong.
H: That is true. Women power and when people say ‘yes, you can’t, you’re a girl or you’re a woman’ and then you can prove it to them and that’s cool.
S: Yeah, that’s definitely good. And you can also dress up. You can dress up like you do your hair, or you can put on make-up and try something new, try out new aspects of yourself. That’s a lot of fun!

H: What supports you in being a girl in the Schoenstatt Girls’ Youth?
S: The most important thing I find in the community. It encourages you enormously!
H: And somehow the common prayers. Singing together, laughing together, that is very important.
S: Also the group meetings where you look for your weaknesses but also your strengths,
H: And above all how to work on it,
S: Yes, how to work on it, but also how to discover yourself. Who am I?
H: Afterwards one knows, where am I in my life right now? Who am I? What do I want above all? What do I want to accomplish in my life? What do I want to achieve?
S: One receives great encouragement in being a girl through the Covenant of Friendship with Mary. You can see, hey, Mary has achieved something.
H: I am not alone, I always have someone 24-7 at my side who listens to me, who is there for me.
S: You always have someone with you, and you know that you are not alone. And that gives you a lot of strength.

S: How would you like to change the world, Helena?
H: In any case with gratitude. Of course you should be thankful for the big things, but also for the small things that you might not notice at first glance, and yes, you should generally be thankful for everything. And you, Sophia?
S: Well, I definitely want to think positively and thereby change the world. I once read a saying and I really liked it: “Be so positive that negative people no longer want to be around you.”
H: Oh yes, that’s a nice saying, that’s definitely true!
S: I think if we all would be a little bit more positive, if we all would smile more and also be thankful like Helena said, then I think you can change the world!
H: And above all, face the facts! In other words, not to walk by, but to look closely.
S: To accept things as they are.
H: Exactly, or simply overcoming hurdles
S: You can do it! You are never alone!
H: Not to say: o no, that’s too exhausting for me, just go! Straight ahead, not left, not right, but straight through!
 S: If everyone does something, we will change the world as a whole!
H: If everyone does only small things, and everyone goes out with a smile on their face, then we can change the world!
S: Together we are strong!
H: What do you think about the fact that there are only girls and young women in the Schoenstatt Girls and Young Women?
S: I think it’s great! You have such an exchange on equal terms, and I think it’s a really nice community just among girls! And you, Helena?
H: Well, I think above all, you don’t have to prove anything, you don’t have to be ashamed of anything, you can be open with the girls, because they have the same fears, needs, have been in the same situation before and always give you good advice.
S: In any case!
H: And you only have a big bunch of girls. It is nice when you have lots of girls around you, and then you can talk really well, in the evening in the room, even with the leaders, that’s really nice!
S: That’s always really funny!
H: Yes, that’s true too! Or the joint discussions and the exchange of ideas above all.
S: In any case, there are always things that remain in your memory!
H: It’s always such a nice time and you don’t want to leave anymore!
S: And the nice thing is that the Schoenstatt Youth is not only made up of girls, but also the young women who can help you.
H: And they give you tips, because they have experienced it before.
S: Or advice, experiences. They tell you about their everyday life, how it is and what you can expect. That is also very important!